Long Coat German Shepherds Scotland


Roman is a deceptivley big boy! With wonderful coat & bone. It is very difficult to get a picture to do my boy any justice!
Roman is a great guard & always lets me know if someone is about! He gets on well with all of our dogs & loves nothing more than to play. He loves cuddles & being fussed :o) He is always aloof with any visitors...dont take it personally, he is doing his job & i wouldnt want him any other way. He is afterall a typical GSD.
He much prefers being out and about to lazing around the house. He has a fantastic nature and is a wonderful boy for those who know him well.
Roman brings with him some exciting new bloodlines for my breeding programme.

BVA Hipscore: 6:4 - total of just 10
BVA Elbow score: 0.0
Inbreeding Coeffcient: 0.4%
Colour - Black