Long Coat German Shepherds


Puppy waiting / interest list

I appreciate the initial contact via e-mail, I will accordingly respond to your inquiry as soon as i have time.

When you contact me please tell me about yourself, your home life, your working arrangements, any children you may have now or plans for in the future.

Please, take time and in your email include answers to following questions:

What would be the main purpose for this dog?

Day time care, and your working arrangements?

Male or female puppy?

Have you ever owned a German Shepherd?

Have you researched the GSD breed?

How many dogs have you owned in the past ten years? If you have a dog at present please state the breed, age & whether neutered or not.

Do you have children?



We have always had have waiting lists in place. This is now being replaced by both a waiting list & an interest list. Once we have spoken, we will forward on the information regarding both & the decision is yours as to which one you choose to go on.


You are welcome to visit once pregnancy is confirmed or when our puppies are here, i understand given the distance on some occasions, it is not possible to meet us beforehand.


Viewings are strictly by appointment and for those interested in becoming owners of one of our puppies and are on a waiting list. Please note when visiting you will be coming into our home, and for this reason, i will only accomodate the intended new owners (ie not 6/7 or 8 people coming into our house)



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