Long Coat German Shepherds



Nite is one of my homebred Losiradream boys.


He has matured into a stunning big boy. He towers above his mum now & is a very confident boy. I am so proud to have bred him. He has a lovely nature to match his stunning looks.

Nite gets on well with all dogs & is certainly the biggest out of all my gang!

He especially loves playing with his mum, they get on so well :-)

Nite lives with my parents as a much loved pet, but enjoys his visits and holidays with us at Losiradream :)


Height - 29"        Hipscore - 7 (3:4)

Weight - 55kg     Inbreeding Coeffcient: 0.4%



Devastatingly we lost our handsome big boy on the 14th of July 2017.

We are absolutley heartbroken and he will be so very missed. We will update this page as soon as we are up to it, at the moment we are greiving the huge loss of our boy x

Our pack clown, rest in peace Nightingale xxx