Long Coat German Shepherds Scotland


Halo is my utterly stunning Pale Blue & Tan girl.
She has the best temprement & welcomes all with open paws :-) Although she did learn how to guard from my dearly missed Shadow.

She is a very loving girl & loves nothing more than to lie at my feet - i think she would happily do that all day!
She is a fantastic girl & we are so lucky she is part of our family. Halo is having her final litter at the end of 2015.
Halo is now retired and still lives here with us & the pack, she is now 8.5 years old..although behaves like an 8.5 month old!

Huge thanks to Kim at Icemead for entrusting us with our wonderful girl :-)

BVA Hipscore - 5:6 - 11