Long Coat German Shepherds




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Beautiful Sasha & Skye, owned by Pauline x


I expose my puppies to the same conditions that they would experience in your home.  They are used to the hoover, radio, televisions, music, my singing lol! Children and rides in the car. When they are old enough (and weather permitting) they are able to explore the garden and move out to our puppy rooms to sleep overnight.


To me it's very important to find for each puppy bred by me a permanent and loving home.


When you buy a puppy from me, your puppy will come with the Kennel Club registration certificate which will be endorsed, "Not to breed from".


Nota Bene: I will not lift this breeding restriction, unless it has been agreed before the time of sale & as such will have left me with a different contract. Please also note it is a different price for a breeding dog. Our puppies are  1150


Your puppy will be vet checked, and come with proper health records, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed & up to date with flea prevention treatment. Our puppies are raised on a high quality diet, and i expect any new puppy owner to ensure the puppy remains on such. Please note that my dogs & puppies are all Raw fed.


At date of sale each puppy is at least 7-8 weeks old before they go to there new homes.

They will have a comprehensive puppy pack including all relevent paperwork including contracts, vet card, microchip paperwork,toy, comfort blanket & raw food. It is reccomended that new owners should ensure they take out an insuance policy for taking their puppy home - due to ever increasing vet costs.


You will be provided with advice/care leaflet and how to take care of your puppy in the best way once we have recieved your initial deposit. After a puppy is placed in his new home, I am here to help you and welcome questions with friendly support. I love to keep in touch with new owners & all updates are gratefully recieved.

A puppy has to be fed and exercised in a correct way to become a good example of the breed not just in the first 7-8 weeks they live here with me but for the rest of his life. So no matter how good the breeding, the outcome rests with the owner of the puppy...I expect that any dog can be returned to me at any time in it's life, provided it has basic in home manners and is friendly/socialised correctly, if not we are always here to assist with correct re-homing.


Please be aware of the commitment and on going training a GSD requires, and make sure you are able to fulfil their needs. They are an absolutley wonderful companion. There are many rescues within the UK who have great dogs waiting for the right home to come along.

We will ask a number of questions and will not sell to the first person to come along, we can and do turn people away if we dont feel they are the type of owner we look for.




I. A non-refundable deposit of £ 200 (Pound Sterling) will be the confirmation of the reservation/purchase, upon which the puppy will be reserved for you, this is taken after the litter is born and i can confirm we have a puppy available for you.

No puppy is reserved until the deposit has been recieved.


2. The puppy will not leave my home until he/she is fully paid for. From December 2018 we will only accept bank transfer as payment method.


                             Current price is  £1150


Serious enquiries only please, thank you.