Long Coat German Shepherds Scotland


Blue is my magnificent boy, with head turning good looks & an outstanding nature. To me he embodies everything that a GSD should be. Words cannot describe him, he is an amazing boy & i love him to bits :-) I could not imagine my life without Blue as part of it. He is very loyal to me.
Huge thanks to Kim @ Icemead for allowing Blue to come live with me :)

He is certainly puts his stamp on his puppies, they all have fantastic natures, terrific coats & are quite the head turners :-) Ive yet to meet anyone who did not adore Blue in the fur..so to speak!
Blue is now an older gentleman who i have retired, he remains here with us & his pack x

BVA/KC Hipscore - 6:6 - 12
Haemo - Normal Result
Inbreeding Coeffcient: 1.9%