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Losiradreams final litter is in 2020, our waiting list is full.

All of my dogs have excellent temprements.

They posess all the attributes that make the German Shepherd Dog, my dogs & puppies have brains as well as beauty. Many of my puppies compete in obedience & agility.

All our dogs & Puppies are Longcoated.  I did not breed for colour, just outstanding, large & loyal companions with excellent temprements.

We hold a local authority breeding licence, which means we adhere to their strict rules also.


My aim was to breed German Shepherds as wonderful loyal & loving companions that give you as much happiness as i get from mine. Something im proud to say we achieved .


I am extremely proud of my wonderful dogs! Within these pages you will find out about my wonderful dogs and any puppies i have been lucky enough to have.


                                                                                       Natalie x




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